Bass fishing is a multi-million dollar industry, which makes it one of the most popular forms of fishing in the North American region. One of the many benefits of bass fishing includes the ability to use affordable equipment to catch bass, in addition to the abundance of large sized bass in the waters of North America.What are other Benefits of Bass Fishing? 1

Affordable and Simple Equipment

You don’t need expensive fishing equipment for bass fishing. A basic, durable rod and reel is perfect for bass fishing. Go with the lightest weight of rod that you can afford, and you will have a productive day of bass fishing.

What are other Benefits of Bass Fishing?

Make no mistake, bass fishing is not easy. While plentiful, it is important to remember that big bass got big for a reason. Large bass have never been caught and lived to tell about it.

Large bass have lived long enough to develop survival skills and have a strong awareness of their surroundings. A large bass has the life experience of knowing every bait on the market, so it is important to keep them guessing when bass fishing. Large-sized bass are very leery of most lures and bass fishing techniques, because they have seen it all before.

Pleasant Weather Conditions

What are other Benefits of Bass Fishing? 2

For those who enjoy fishing in pleasant weather conditions, spring is the ideal season for bass fishing. Whether you’re getting out on the boat, or staying on shore, you run the greatest chances of a plentiful catch by bass fishing in the spring. Enjoying a nice warm day on the lake is one of the many benefits of bass fishing over other types of fishing.

Tough, Vigorous Catch

Bass are tough fish that tolerate a vigorous catch, so they can easily survive a catch-and release program after giving the bass hunter a good workout. This is one of the benefits of bass fishing that fishing enthusiasts around the world enjoy.

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Bass contain omega-3 fatty acids, and a wide range of Vitamin B, and an ideal amount of protein. Many people enjoy the taste of a small bass; however, professional anglers prefer to immediately release the small bass so they can continue to grow for recreational purposes.

Consuming bass includes some concern because bass are easily contaminated. Therefore, pregnant women and children should limit their bass consumption.

An Intuitive Catch

Along with the five senses of taste, sight, hearing, touch, and smell, bass fish are very intuitive. This is because they have extra-sensory nerve endings that sense vibrations in the water which helps them locate hard to find prey, and hide from predators. The sixth sense of the bass helps the fish survive a longer life to grow into a price-winning catch for a skilled angler.

What are other Benefits of Bass Fishing? 3

Bass fishing offers a variety of benefits to fishing enthusiasts throughout the region. What bass fish lack in intelligence, they make up for three-fold in instinct and survival skills.

One of the most important benefits of bass fishing is the widespread interest in all levels of bass fishing enthusiasts. From the experienced professional angler, to the beginning bass fisherman, bass fishing offers many benefits to anglers of all lifestyles and backgrounds.

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